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The History and Future of Blaha Excavating

Where We've Been

Blaha Excavating has been a family owned and operated business for over thirty years, but didn't start there. Our company is on its second generation, it all started with Karl's father John Blaha.

John started with his family farm raising Angus cattle and selling topsoil, back in the 1950's. He also strip mined coal all around Allegheny county with his Mother, Father and brothers.

From a youngster on Karl was with his dad, side by side in the machines and riding in the trucks. He learned hard work from a very young age, helping his family run businesses and a large farm. There was never a day when the Blaha family wasn't working, their life was their work.

When Karl graduated high school he wanted to get into more than just topsoil and farming, so he created Blaha Excavating with the help of his father. Father and son started with just a bobcat and a one ton dump truck. They started doing landscaping and small excavating jobs while still running a family farm. Karl was able to carry on his father's legacy of hard work and determination.

He then transformed his single truck and bobcat into a fleet of heavy equipment and trucks. With the help of his family we then grew into doing large projects around the Pittsburgh area.

Where We Are Going

Today Blaha Excavating is working on its third generation with Karl's son John alongside him working, and his daughter Candace working as the company's secretary. Karl's wife Carol has been right next to him during the whole progression of the company. She has worked side by side with him running the company while raising their two children.

Both John and Candace grew up just like their father, side by side with their dad working. When they were old enough to walk they were in the machines and riding in the trucks with their parents.

Our Philosophy

We believe the importance of a family business, with all family members having the same drive and work ethic a company can accomplish anything. Our family's vision is to leave every customer happy, knowing that we accomplished what they sought after. Doing a job right is the most important part of what we do. Our family is very particular with all of our services, we will not settle for anything less than a job well done.

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